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Digital Adaptation Specialists

We provide online marketing solutions for the Australian Hemp industry

Who Are We?


Digital Marketing -Towards A Green Future
To spread the wonder of Hemp to every corner of Australia by providing online marketing solutions for the Australian Hemp industry – contributing
to a sustainable future for generations to come.


Healthy people make for a healthy planet
A society with open access to hemp products, and people who are are aware of its benefits for both their health, and the environment.


Holistic Omni-Channel Approach

We don’t put all our eggs into any single platform or content style. Our strategies are built from the ground up through careful analysis of your product and market. We then help you plan strong content, that stands in the places that your audience is looking.

Agile & Nimble

We love hemp, have tight communication, and enjoy thinking outside the box.  This makes us flexible, and gives us the advantage of being able to implement a diverse range of high-performing ideas, at a fraction of the cost

Always Testing & Optimizing

Nothing in marketing is certain, and nobody has all the answers…
We believe strategies must be tested, and the results measured.  From that data, we can then ‘optimize’ performance in the specified area.  Whether it’s ad copy, landing pages, or your checkout page – analysing data is key to optimizing customer experience.

Digital Adaptation - 3 Month Marketing Package

Web Development

Having a modern user-friendly website that converts is paramount for your business to thrive in today’s business ecosystem. We build modern, high converting eCommerce and lead generation websites that help to build consumer trust and increase your return on investments across all marketing channels.

Remote Photoshoot

Organising a photo-shoot can be difficult during these uncertain times, but we’ve found a way to make this simple – Simply send us your products and we will organise the rest – including finding talent, photographer, final touch-ups editing.

Strategy Workshops

Your marketing strategy should start with your customer in mind and paint a picture for them of how your product can fit their needs and can enrich their lives. We help to breakdown your customers’ purchase journey and map out content to support each stage of their decision-making process across multiple channels.

Ambassador Campaign

We recruit and manage an army of micro-influencers that resonate with your brand to create and share organic content with their like-minded audience.

Email Marketing & Automation

We create unique email nurture streams that serve your prospects with personalized, useful content, as well as regular newsletters. This helps to convert your database into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

Social Media Management

Grow your social influence and become an online industry authority by sharing a mix of original/organic content, news, and stories to engage and grow your audience. We also provide management of social media accounts including content creation and post scheduling

What we do?

We have taken great interest in the idea of offering Digital Marketing solutions for Hemp companies in Australia We want to help you create a strong online presence that resonates with the values of both your brand, and its ideal audiences. We are on a mission to spread the good word of hemp to Australian public (and all of its benefits) and help local hemp companies to promote their brands and supercharge their digital marketing and sales!

With unjust laws being removed, and interest in cannabis increasing around the world, the industry we all love is gaining serious momentum. It looks like we’re finally going to have the chance to tell people about the power of hemp. Everybody should be aware of how choosing hemp benefits themselves and the planet, and want to use our skills to contribute to the cause. Our service is based on the idea that a strong digital marketing strategy is critical to driving brand awareness and continuous business growth.


Strategy Workshop

Conduct workshop with key stakeholders, audit current
audience and platforms.

Campaign Setup - 2 weeks

Begin weekly deliverables 12 weeks

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